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Hope 2 Help

Although we can't help everyone, everyone is capable of helping someone.

Hope 2 Help


Hope 2 Help is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves and provides for the underprivileged community in a variety of ways. Our mission is to empower and provide for the essential needs of the underserved.


We aspire to be able to lend a hand in communities in as many ways as possible. We believe that anyone can make a difference and it starts today. 

Under Hope 2 Help, we have multiple projects that address different matters and utilize our passions, whether that's through providing materials and resources for communities that need it or spreading a love of art and expression. 


Distributed 300 care packages that include toothpaste, toothbrushes, snacks, bandages, and notes to the homeless at Mary's Kitchen. 












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Screenshot 2020-12-23 221108.jpg

Dropping off donations at OC Rescue Mission!


We are excited to work with OC Rescue Mission again after previously donating to them!


Printed booklets to be distributed

We donated 200 copies to KidWorks, who we have worked with multiple times in the past. We will be teaching workshops here as well!


I designed a 40-page coding activity booklet for children in underserved communities. After competing in the 2022 Technovation Girls competition and becoming a global semifinalist, I realized how important it is for students to gain an interest in coding at a young age. However, many children don't have the resources or exposure. That's why I wanted to create an interactive experience that includes basic coding concepts they can understand while also have fun doing them.

I'm a coder, but I'm also a designer and artist, so this project was very fulfilling for me because I could show young children the appeal and importance of coding for a future that will definitely be dominated by technology. 

The booklets will be distributed throughout OC and LA to organizations such as KidWorks, OC Rescue Mission, Boys & Girls Club of LA, etc. I am excited to see the impact of this project!



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Menstruation Brochures


I reached out to gynecologists and created a menstruation brochure for menstruating individuals. It contains information that young people may not know, especially because what is taught in school is mostly biological. I believe that everyone should understand how to care for their periods because it can affect their health in many aspects, both physically and mentally. My grandfather helped me by sewing bags for the brochures to be placed in along with period products. By combining my design skills and my passion to serve the community, I hope I will be able to help many individuals!

The story behind Womenwurld:


Having a period is presented as daunting and taboo. In my experience I've found that men and boys are uncomfortable talking about it or don't think that it's a valid issue. Sometimes they'll acknowledge it as why women are having mood swings and nothing more. 

Many schools and public areas sell pads/tampons in their bathrooms, but often there is nothing inside the boxes, forcing girls like me to run to the stall and make do with toilet paper when our period has arrived unexpectedly. I've had to walk around asking classmates if they had any extras, which they often didn't. 

I realized that some women end up resorting to toilet paper and rags once in a month because they can't afford to buy pads from the store. If I was already facing problems in my school, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to decide between having a meal or taking care of my body's needs. It's a humiliating, and unfortunately, necessary choice. I couldn't imagine having to stay home because I didn't have the money to buy period products for school. Homelessness is a huge problem in itself, but during the menstrual cycle, it's a thousand times worse. Some women have to use plastic bags they find floating around in the streets—anything to staunch the flow because they only have one outfit, and that's the clothes on their backs. You may have heard of the tampon tax, or the sales tax on menstrual products. This is an added cost on top of the already pricey pads and tampons. Why should women have to pay for a basic human need? If they can't afford a box of 50 pads for $15, how will they be able to afford the serious infections and even a trip to the hospital that is sure to come later?

This is why I started Womenwurld. Period poverty is a real problem, yet it seems like no one wants to address it. Some countries like Scotland have taken the step to make period products free. While that isn't the case in USA, it's why organizations like Womenwurld must step up.

Womenwurld aims to empower women in underserved communities by providing them with resources and necessities such as personal hygiene products. 

We are a team looking to provide resources to others so they can finally feel a sense of belonging. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for many reasons, but one that is often overlooked is period poverty.

  • More than 21.4 million women were living in poverty in 2018 alone, a number which has only increased because of the pandemic (US Census Bureau) 

  • When they don’t have access to menstrual products, they have to suffice with rags, tissues, and even diapers (Detroit News)


  • When it comes to donations, tampons and pads are one of the most needed items in homeless shelters yet the least donated

  • Thousands of homeless/low-income women end up being forced to decide between eating and buying menstrual products everyday


  • Some girls end up missing 10-20% of school days as a result, and even worse, when using these improper products, there is a potential for infection and other more grave health problems

  • On top of that, with the pandemic, prices have been going up, and unemployment has been disproportionately affecting women

Screenshot 2020-12-23 221108.jpg

Womenwurld members donating feminine hygiene products & earrings we put together to OC Rescue Mission.


Gift packages for female students at KidWorks in Santa Ana, California. These include earrings, lip balms, and scrunchies. These can really brighten a girl's day.

Screenshot 2020-12-23 221055.jpg

We have collected & donated over 2,000 feminine hygiene products to homeless shelters in Orange County.

Womenwurld members putting together gift packages.


Donation of 1,000+ feminine hygiene products to Thomas House Shelter in Garden Grove, California.




The ultimate goal of this project is to serve the community. That’s why we’re fully dedicated to helping young writers so their voices can be heard. In a world where students are the future, it’s important we hone in on these special skills and talents. We operate the following projects: Outreach, Creative Writing Workshop, and Bullet Journal Workshop. For more information, check out our website,

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